Many individuals and families seeking psychotherapy are concerned about therapy fees. Although some can afford to pay for their therapy services out-of-pocket, many cannot.

The good news is that therapy is usually covered by your health insurance. In most cases, your co-payment or co-insurance responsibility is similar to what you would pay for a physician’s visit.

I accept the following insurance carriers:

  •  HMSA (PPO, HMO, and Federal Plans)
  • HMAA
  • UHA

I do not accept Quest or Medicare.

When calling for a consultation, please have your insurance card with your Subscriber ID or Member Number ready so I can verify your insurance eligibility. I will then contact your insurance company to confirm your co-payment or co-insurance amount.

If you choose not to use your insurance to cover your services, I also offer cash payment options. Please contact me for more information about cash-pay fees.