In our fast-paced modern life, it can be difficult to make space for the sacred. Our smart phones, tablets and laptops offer endless, portable distractions: emails to read, blogs to follow, games to play, texts to respond to.

Not to mention, we have people calling out for our attention too: children, spouses and significant others, parents, friends, and co-workers, all ask for a slice (or more!) of our time. And then there's school, work, and daily life.

While none of those activities or relationships are necessarily bad, (and many are very good!), most of us would admit that in the midst of all these demands, we struggle to find a quiet place to connect with God, and with ourselves.

Making space for God to speak is one of the most powerful and healing aspects of the way I work. As a graduate of Fuller Theological Seminary, I am careful to respect denominational and theological differences and to honor the traditions, values, and practices that are important to you. The degree to which matters of faith and spirituality are discussed are up to you, and the conversations we have about faith will be tailored to your needs.

Common Issues:

  • Spiritual identity
  • Spiritual calling
  • Hearing God
  • Faith and family relationships
  • Family conflict regarding church and ministry
  • Stressors placed on pastors' families
  • Spiritual dryness
  • Ministry stress
  • Ministry burnout