Maybe your son's grades have suddenly gone downhill.

Maybe your daughter has started to withdraw.

Maybe every interaction with your teenager explodes into a fight.

Whatever the situation, I believe that your child is reaching out to you for help. As a parent, one of the most powerful things you can do is to get help for your child and your family.

Adolescence can be a confusing time – full of emotional highs and lows, flourishing talents and abilities but also increased social, academic and family stress. Problems, which may have been there all along, frequently rise to the surface when your child reaches their teenage years.

Teenagers and their parents are frequently separated by a painful gap. My goal is to help you and your teen bridge that gap, and to strengthen the support system that your child needs to thrive. I frequently work with the whole family together as well as with parents and teens separately to change your family dynamic from one that may be characterized by frustration, miscommunication, hopelessness and fear to one that is supportive, safe, hopeful, and joyful.

Common Challenges:

  • Family conflict
  • Academic stress
  • Depression, sadness, withdrawal
  • Anxiety, worries, fears
  • Dating relationships
  • Internet and social media use
  • Relationships with friends
  • Traumatic events
  • Loss of a loved one
  • Parenting
  • Identity